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Vaginal Infections and Aloe Vera Gel

Candida Albicans
Vaginal infections are maddening: they itch, they burn and cause a discharge. Caused by a fungus called Candida albicans (also called candidiasis, genital candidiasis, or vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC)), nearly 75% of all adult women have had at least one genital yeast infection in their lifetime. Yeast infections happen when something disrupts the normal balance of fungi present in the vagina causing the yeast to grow out of control. The primary cause is overuse of antibiotics which kill not only the bad bacteria in the body but the good as well.

Yeast infection should be immediately treated as it can spread to other parts of the body including skin, mucous membranes, heart valves, esophagus, and other areas. Further, in people with weakened immune defenses — pregnant women, those who are HIV positive, have diabetes, or are taking steroids — it can cause life-threatening systemic infections. And, though not a sexually transmitted disease, some men will develop symptoms such as itching and penile rash following sexual contact with an infected partner.

To get quick relief, you might dash into the nearest drugstore and pick up over-the-counter (OTC) medication for which the manufacturer paid big bucks to advertise as a fast cure. Before you do, ask yourself if you want chemicals touching your private parts as all drugs contain chemicals and an OTC drug is a drug!

You can treat a vaginal infection naturally with Aloe vera, proven to help clear up candidiasis and to prevent recurrences due to its anti-fungal properties. Moreover, Aloe vera rarely causes an irritation. When it does, it is most likely due to additives used in some Aloe products and especially creams. Of course, additives won’t be a problem with Stockton 100% pure Aloe vera gel, which is the raw gel from inside the plant where the healing properties lie.

You can treat a vaginal infection by applying Aloe externally and by drinking the gel for its anti-fungal properties. Four to six ounces Aloe vera gel daily can help manage Candida colonies in the body naturally and to help keep Candida in check. Moreover, continued use may prevent further infections from occurring.

As a preventive measure, it may be beneficial to drink the Aloe vera juice when taking antibiotics.

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81 thoughts on “Vaginal Infections and Aloe Vera Gel

  1. please I need to get, Aloe Vera vaginal cream, how can I buy it.

    1. Please check our online store for products designed to meet this need.

      1. I’m taking aloe Vera gel now,the forever garlic thyme and forever vitamin B-12,il start taking vitolize tonight….pls I’m already having this heavy smelly discharge,is that a sign it’s working?

        1. It is more a sign that what you are consuming is coming out of your body… in various ways. The more you consume, the more it comes out… and the smellier it is when it goes in, the smellier it is when it comes out. As to whether or not it is “working”… I guess that depends on what it is supposed to do and whether or not you are achieving the intended results.

    2. There is no need of buying aloe vera gel from the market. You can just take the plant, cut it and apply the inner gel on the inflected area. It will soothe the area and will help eliminate the problem. Why buy expensive creams when the whole potential lies in the natural plant itself? ?

      1. Good point. I have plants in the house! Thanks xx

      2. Exactly! Thanks for saying that…

    3. You can go to any local supermarket,chinese grocery to purchase. It is very inexpensive and is a miraculous plant.!I use it every day!!!

  2. I am a diabetic patient. I need to get help how to use aloe vera gel for diabetic type 1. How can I take aloe vera as medicine?

    1. Aloe vera is used to lower and stabilize blood sugar levels. Those taking aloe vera to accomplish this that also take medicines that do the same thing need to be careful; the combined effect might be greater than what was intended.

  3. Can i use the natural aloe directly inside vagina to cure candida albicans?

    1. There are lots of things to consider in your question…

      First… I’ll address the word cure. The only way we could make claims about cure rates would be if aloe vera had double blind placebo controlled research specific to the condition for which such claims were being made. Aloe vera has not been studied in that fashion for candida albicans. Any aloe company that made such claims would risk serious problems with the FDA. Likely, we are talking about whether or not aloe vera could provide “relief of symptoms” such as soothing a burning pain. The answer to that is “maybe”… but I certainly can’t recommend that you use aloe vera in the vagina because our aloe vera has not been through the necessary FDA testing to be classified as a medical device. There are many things that have to happen before such a discussion could even take place – including animal testing for the safety of such an application (it is quite a complicated question). Even if our products met the FDA criteria, I would still recommend an external application first to make sure there were no allergies to the plant that you were considering using.

      Regarding the word “cure”… I would suggest that curing a candida problem involves restoring the flora of your gut too – by avoiding the things that damage your flora (see “12 Gut Wrenching Killers“), and consuming probiotics and live fermented foods.

      Sorry my answer is complicated; but I hope it is helpful.

  4. i used 100% pure aloe gel (from the actual plant) to treat some insect bites on my hand and it help me out fast but the skin around the bites was getting red and itchy. so i believe it cause an allergic reaction on the healthy part of my skin or the pure aloe is too strong for me. anyway it didn’t get any worse – just gave me some redness around the bites and went away
    now i want to use the pure aloe for vaginal infection using a tampon , my question is ” is the pure aloe safe enough for vaginal use since it gave me an irritation using it externally.?”
    thank u

    1. Regarding aloe vera and what you might be allergic to, there is an inner leaf gel and outer leaf sap. You can learn to separate the two by watching this video:

      I would test the gel and the sap on my forearm and determine which part of the plant was causing the allergic reaction. A little drop of each part on the thin skin of your wrist would probably work real well. If, after 20 to 30 minutes, you see a red spot where the gel or sap was, I would not use that part of the plant in harder to rinse areas.

      Generally you really only want the clean gel for a skin application.

  5. if i have a bloody yeast infection, will inserting or swallowing pieces of aloes help?

    1. Always test your body against reactions to the aloe. There are many types of aloe and your body can react differently with different species and different varieties. Also, how you cut and rinse your aloe gel makes a big difference too. So, test your final product in a small area in a place that is easy to rinse and see how your body reacts after a few hours before attempting to use it on a larger scale. You will likely find benefit from using the aloe. Regarding drinking it… same thing… start small and see how you do.

  6. I’ve used an OTC cream, and aquaphor, and also shaved a tiny bit of pubic hair away from my vagina so as not to be further irritated. The cream began to burn, and the aquaphor only helps shield my skin from the acidic urine.If my external vagina is a little raw, should I still use the aloe gel, because I have a plant but when I put it on my cesarean scar after giving birth before,it tingled a little. My doctor gave me two fluconazole pills, but I need external relief.Will it irritate my already irritated external vaginal skin?

    1. Kerry, here is the good news… finding out is easier and less painful than you might imagine.

      Very few people have allergies to aloe vera. But it is possible that you are one of the few. To find out, test the product on a sensitive yet easy to wash area of your body; Your wrist should make a good test area. If your wrist does not turn red or itchy within an hour, you probably do not have significant allergies to aloe. You can then safely test it in other places.

      We recommend you test Aloe Joy. We are confident you will be pleased with the results.

  7. Hello I was wondering how do you prepare the aloe plant/gel for drinking?

    1. I think this video demonstrates the technique we use best… though we do it on a much bigger scale for our production.

  8. Can you put the aloe Vera gel directly on the vagina ?

    1. It is wise to test it somewhere else first – like on your wrist where you can wash it off if you have an allergic reaction, or something. But pure clean aloe vera (uncontaminated) is used by many.

  9. I hve went 2 midwifes regarding an itching vagina all they give me was antibiotics n vagina tablets dey ddnt wrk can Aloe vera @least wrk . How shld I use it or drink it de natural plant

  10. I used aloe Vera on my vaginal and I have no complications . It works . I had chlamydia and it cleared up . Aloe Vera is a good herb glad it was invented

    1. You used it inside of the Vaginal area?

  11. Could I use the alovera internal in my vagina to treat the vagial yeast?

    1. Aloe vera is traditionally used to speed up healing. But I am not aware of it decreasing yeast. I have known of people who used it vaginally to sooth the pain from infection and medicine… but not as a primary treatment for killing off the yeast.

  12. You are lying moron scam artists. Aloe in the vulvar area CAUSES yeast infections due to high moisture trapped in an area that gets no air.

    1. That’s an interesting position to take. Aloe dries rather quickly. I wonder if this is your theory that you are posting as fact or if you have some science to back it up?

  13. I got a little tear on my labia minora near the clitoris. Can application of aloe vera help heal the tear?

    1. I know someone that used aloe vera for a very similar problem in the past week and yes it helped her – soothed and we suspect healed faster. In her case, a tear from waxing an the external or the minora. People do use aloe internally too. You should test it first in an easy to wash place such as the wrist to make sure there are no allergies or sensitivities.

      1. Thankyou so much for the kind reply. I wanted to know how exactly to apply the gel onto the labia minora? Do I apply it at bedtime and leave it overnight? Or do I apply it fr a few minutes and wash it off with warm water?

        Also, how often do I apply it?

        1. If you have tested it elsewhere and do not have allergies to it, you can apply and leave it there… now, bedtime, or whenever. When you wash, rinse, repeat as needed.

          1. Okay.. thank you so much. I’ll bug you again if I have more questions.

  14. Can i use any aloe vera products in vagina?

    1. Probably some… but not “all”. I would check with the manufacturer of the product you are considering.

  15. I watched one of your video’s with your wife and Liam Scheff. In there I believe it was your wife mentioned a blog that got a lot of attention and then you realized there was a need. The blog was on vaginal dryness. Can you direct me to that blog?

    1. It was just a blog post on our site. It might have even been this one…

  16. Can aloe vera be used to tighten vagina? I have no allergies in using aloe vera but is it safe to apply inside the vagina?

    1. I am not aware of any research that shows aloe vera can tighten anything.

  17. Hey,I am 13 weeks pregnant…can I insert and aloe vera gel in my vagina?

    1. No, do not do this… especially in the absence of a reason.

  18. Hi.. my problem is getting worse. I’m a 27 year old female. I accidently drove my finger nail inside my clitoral hood (through the join between my hood and labia minora) while scratching my bikini area. It bled only a little, the clitoral hood almost deflated and shrunk. I freaked out but after a little online research found i should leave it alone to heal. But it has been 5 years now and the problem is only getting worse. I masturbate occassionally and the loose flesh inside my clitoral hood is now hanging out like thin pieces of flesh. My labia minora is now longer and hangs out. My clitoral hood and surrounding area hurts at touch. What do i do?

    1. I’m a pretty natural oriented physician and have some ideas of what may work. But in this case, I have to recommend your concern be addressed with a gynecologist. If you can find one with a natural treatment protocol, even better. Natural solutions such as silver, diluted essential oils, and aloe may help kill infection and promote healing. Medicines may also be of benefit. If necessary or desired for cosmetic reasons, minor surgery may be an option. But before looking at any possible treatment options, an examination by a gynecologist to determine your options is necessary.

  19. Thanks for the kind reply. I wanted to ask if I could may be use some skin super glue.. like dermabond in this area to fuse the cut labia together?

    1. I do not recommend that… but instead, a visit to the gynecologist… one with a natural approach.

  20. Hi.. I bought this organic aloe vera gel from ‘The Body Shop’:
    Aloe soothing gel for sensitive skin ( cools and moisturises to comfort. With community fair trade aloe vera)
    Aqua/water/Eau, Propanediol, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Phenoxyethanol, Panthenol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Sodium Hydroxide, Allantoin, Caprylyl Glycol, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Disodium EDTA

    Please let me know if this is safe to use on my labial cuts.

    1. I can’t speak regarding safety of any products that I don’t manufacture. But generally speaking, products made for external use will be safe when used externally on minor cuts. Organic products usually contain less harmful ingredients than non-organic products. Many products that do not have the “certified organic” stamp are actually better, however.

  21. Thankyou for the kind reply. I think I’ll go ahead and try and use it on the cuts and see if it works.

  22. i have staph for like four yrs nah; i thought i had treated it but a visit to d hospital diagnosed me of that same infection again; can I use aloe vera to treat it if yes how do I use it

  23. hi there,
    this is going to be the oddest comment but i need some advice.
    I started taking aloe vera liquid, 3 times a day , just a tiny cupful for a health problem.
    within 2 days i developed a white/gel-like vaginal discharge, which i have never had in my life
    and is nothing to do with the original problem.
    I know this sounds crazy but it looks and smells like the aloe vera is coming out of my vagina – almost the
    same as it went in!!
    could this be true?! surely it would go through the digestive system and not come out of this area!
    sorry for such an odd question..but i have never had this kind of discharge, then 2 days
    after i started taking it, i got one which looks and smells identical to the aloe vera…?!
    I am in my 40’s with reasonable health and don’t have any vaginal problems…till this!
    I wondered if its cleansing/clearing my vagina or sth between periods?
    thx for any advice/info!

    1. Many of our customers drink much more than a cap full 3 times per day… and it is NOT odd for them to smell aloe on themselves. I suggest aloe probably is related to the smell… but might be coincidental to the discharge. Maybe you would have had the discharge… but it might have smelled different. But it is NOT aloe coming out… though you would have absorbed aloe… that can come out of your body in many places… along with many other things.

      1. ok, thank you very much for quick reply! it just seemed a coincidence as i’ve never had this before! well i will keep my eye on it.. seems to have helped my other painful problem tho so i’ll keep going with it, thanks you again!!

  24. I made love and discovered i bleed ,can i use aloevera inside ?

    1. Test it externally and make sure you don’t have an allergy to it. Make sure you have a good clean pure source. Yes, people do use aloe vera for this purpose… but I have to tell you to run it by your doctor first since I can’t really legally give medical advice outside my scope of practice and without an exam.

    2. Can I use alovera to cure vaginal infection?

      1. Aloe vera may be helpful in the treatment of vaginal infection. It is not a scientifically documented “cure”.

  25. How could we apply aloe vera in vagina?? Should we apply it inside the hole or outside??

    1. With any new product, test in a small area that is easy to wash (externally) to make sure you do not have a bad reaction to it. People do use aloe vera gel vaginally (internally), however, you should proceed with caution since many products contain additives such as preservatives that can irritate and / or disrupt your healthy flora.

  26. I am a lady of above 40, my mensural circle stopped flowing for a long time abruptly at a tender of say, 16/17 years. I have undergone treatments both English and herbal to no avail. Before the treatment I went for test and they said it’s Variant failure. Doctor please, can taking Alovera gel help solve my problem or what do I do? I am still single and had never slept with a man before.

    1. There is no evidence to support use of aloe vera for this.

  27. Please call our main number between 9 and 5 EST and ask for Dr. Michael Haley

  28. I have been usig on the inside of the vagina the aloe vera extrac mixed with coconut oil and mineral oi. It is clearing up my vaginal itch and healed a right decent amount of my scars ( i got them with rough sex and not being lubed). How do i get your product and is it is just aloe vera gel with nothing mixed in it? Can I buy an aloe vera plant to ge the gel directly from there? My Vagine color is pretty pink now that I used the aloe.

  29. Can alovera really cure vaginal infection?please tell me about that because I have no result that’s why I ask you

    1. Aloe vera may be helpful in the treatment of vaginal infection. It is not a scientifically documented “cure”.

  30. Ok thank u to reply

  31. Hi, I developed some itching and irritation a few days ago and I’ve had yeast infections before so I thought I would go ahead and nip it in the bud so to speak. I purchased the Monistat 1 treatment and did it last night. Oh my gosh, it burned so bad! I then let it almost dissolve until i couldnt stand it anymore. Now i have some irritation today from what i think is from inserting the ovule. Do you think applying some aloe vera gel would help to heal this faster? I wish i had just not done anything.

    1. It might… but test aloe vera externally in a place easy to rinse off if it doesn’t work for you. If it does help externally, you can be more bold with how you use it.

  32. I have used aloe vera straight from the plant since I was a kid. I use it for everything from scars to sunburns to just dry skin. I recently had a yeast infection and took the pill to get rid of it but my vulva is still very dry and a bit itchy since it is dry. Would using Aloe Vera on my vulva but not directly in my vagina cause any infections or anything? Is using aloe Vera on my vulva safe?

    1. Using clean uncontaminated aloe externally is indeed safe… unless you have unusual sensitivities to aloe… allergies, that is.

  33. Please I need you to tell me what I will use for tightening my vagina since you said you are not sure of Aleovera works.

  34. Pls i av a blisters/sore from rough sex it worsen after using warm water and salt with clothrimazole,since I had yeast infection which I was treating already later the blisters re now reddish and very painful.I av been in my bed for close to 5days as a result of this pls can i use raw aloe vera gel on my vulva to at least ease the pain? Am currently taking some medication already and is healing but the pain still remain the same

  35. I used aloe vera get to tighten my vagina and it ended up giving me yeast infection

  36. Please how does aloe Vera work with hemerriod,how should I apply to my anus?

    1. It is best consumed in the front end… where it will eventually make its way to the back end. However, yes, the sterile gel or aloe creams can be directly applied to hemorrhoids.

  37. some alovera plants smells like medicine so plz tell me is it safe to use it on skin

    1. Aloe vera is safe… so long as you don’t have an allergy to it.

  38. hi doc, I have had these itching and burning on my vagina for so long. been to the clinic to check for many times and they always gibe me STI treatment and they give me instructions which I follow but this carries on, can you give an advice on what to do?

    1. The most important thing is improve your diet… even if its already near perfect. Eat a gut healing immune boosting anti-inflammatory diet. Regardless of what it is, when you do this, your problem should at least improve.

  39. am experiencing a discharge from my vagina, can i use aloe Vera on it.

    1. As with anything, it is always good to test… whatever product, plant… in a small area that is easy to wash off. Each brand has it’s own chemicals added. Usually the plant itself is best… and inner gel only… so make sure you know how to prepare it if right from the plant… and that it is contamination free.

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