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The Truth About CANCER – continues

Ty Bollinger

CLICK HERETy Bollinger has been traveling and interviewed many more doctors and scientists that are breaking their “code of silence”. You can watch the series for free. Follow the link, then, look below the intro video for a sign-up box.

“Cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence.” Be first to watch the FREE series: “The Quest for The Cures…Continues”. Click Here


4 thoughts on “The Truth About CANCER – continues

  1. I have been reading about a liquid called Aloeone. It is sold in the UK and India. It is endorsed by Father Romano Zago from Brazil for treating cancer. Is your product the same thing only a name change from Aloeone to Aloe1?

    1. Rodney Stockton started studying Aloe Vera in the 1940’s and named his company “Aloe #1 Laboratories”. We took over his product line changing it from Aloe #1 to “Aloe 1” since the domain name did not allow for a pound sign. Of course those with any degree of internet savvy realize that there is value in similar names to acquire accidental traffic. I suspect that whoever called their company “aloeone” was going after accidental traffic. We are the original “Aloe 1”. Regarding the products, we are very different. I don’t know of anyone else other than Father Romano Zago’s followers to be promoting their species of Aloe (it is not Aloe Vera).

  2. Would you be willing to sell 3 to 4 of your mature Aloe? 3 years old or older?

    I live across the state, so I could pick them up.

    Many Thanks,

    1. Thank you, Jan, for asking. We are too attached to our mature aloe plants… thank you for asking.

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