Monthly Special – “The All In Kit”

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The “All In” kit

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  • 4 Gallon Bucket of Frozen Raw Aloe Vera
  • 7 empty half gallon bottles and caps (you need 9… but most buying this will have two empties from their first order… and with all this other stuff… there’s no more room in the box!)
  • IaGreens – Each scoop from plant phytonutrients has the antioxidant power of more than 10 servings of Vegetables and Fruit
  • Lit Pro – Vegan Protein Plus combined with a scoop of IaGreens in your favorite beverage makes the perfect low calorie nutrient dense meal replacement
  • Battery operated mix stick makes mixing powdered foods into your favorite beverage fun, quick, and easy (batteries not included).
  • Youth Derm Aloe Cream is your all purpose moisturizer; It is 70% aloe and contains coconut oils. It’s perfect for winter skin, but you’ll find yourself using it for much more than that.

* New bucket customers may want to purchase the bucket kit

4 gallon bucket $245
7 empty bottles $7
IaGreens $49.95
Lit Pro $49.95
Mix Stick $19.95
Youth Derm Aloe Cream $19.95

Total Retail Value = 391.80

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Weight43 lbs
Dimensions25 × 13 × 15 in

1 review for Monthly Special – “The All In Kit”

  1. peacefullwarrior32

    I bought the 4 gallon bucket and drank it w/I 1 month- didn’t notice anything different in my body, was hoping for better bowl movements- but no change at all, bought the skin cream used it every day & nothing different! I love the aloe drink & believe in the power of its healing- I’m gonna try it 1 more time… very LEARY but I’m in love with all that pulp & the flavor!

    • Dr Michael Haley

      Thank you for the feedback. Please don’t buy it for the flavor… we don’t process or standardize our product, and the product changes with the climate… every batch is different. You might not like the taste next time!

      Regarding bowel function, our aloe is NOT meant to loosen the bowels… if that was your intention. Some aloe products have more “outer leaf”… and people use the “whole leaf aloe juice” for the laxative effect. We only use the inner leaf which is helpful for healing inflamed bowels and impacting the immune system… and may have blood sugar benefits; but it should not have a laxative effect.

      Feel free to contact us to schedule a nutrition consultation to discuss your health goals and maybe uncover what might be holding you back from achieving them.

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