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Remembering Dr. Dick Versendaal

Dick Versendaal

By the time I met Dr. Dick Versendaal, I had already been practicing chiropractic for nearly 15 years. I was rather unteachable, since, by then, I had probably performed somewhere between 100 thousand to 1 million bone moving chiropractic adjustments. Surely I knew it all.

At the time, I was helping BioPharma Scientific manage a booth at the The Masters Circle Chiropractic Conference in Orlando Florida. Dr. Dick Versendaal was in the booth next to us. I couldn’t believe how busy he was checking other chiropractors… for only God knows what. All I knew was that it wasn’t ChiropracTIC!

I didn’t have a clue what he was doing. He seemed to be using some sort or Star Trek device while shaking his victims limbs and skip counting. After a brief session of witchcraft, he would jot down some notes and hand it to his victim. They would proceed to the booth across from us with credit card in hand and walk away with a bag of goodies while singing “Joy To The World”.

Some people stood in line at his booth just to hug Dr. Versendaal and praise him for how much he helped them. Many wanted to have their picture taken… which I could understand, since he must have been famous having won the Chiropractic Masters Tournament for Breast Cancer Awareness, or something like that. I supposed that’s where the pink jacket that he was wearing came from.

As I continued to share the good news of phytonutrition to the power of ten, I was certainly judging Dr. Versendaal with thoughts such as “What the heck is this guy doing” and “I bet he doesn’t even know how to move an atlas”. I now suppose the same could have been said about me since I myself wasn’t moving any bones at the time.

It was about that time that Dr. Versendaal paused from what he was doing to initiate one of the most humbling moments of my life. Even as I write this, chills bumps cover my body. This was a moment that opened up my eyes to something much bigger than I could possibly comprehend.

Dr. Versendaal looked at me and said “Son, I perceive you need a Chiropractic adjustment”. He then walked over to our booth, said “sit down right here in this chair” and gave me the best chiropractic adjustment I have ever had, even still, to this day.

As the hours went by, I now saw this man adjusting some of the top leaders of the profession. I recall watching Dr. Bob Hoffman get up after being adjusted by the master. He hugged Dr. Versendaal in a way that seemed to express eternal gratitude for the gift he had just received.

Dr. Versendaal was sensitive and obedient to the Spirit of God. You can call it “innate” or “Universal Intelligence” if you want. But it is bigger than that. That is the only explanation I can give to the timely correction he gave me. He adjusted my spine, my attitude, my mind.

I have since been somewhat removed from our profession. I still practice, but my schedule doesn’t allow me to keep up with what is happening in our profession. Just yesterday, I was speaking with a customer and friend, Author Dr. Louis Cafiero, who mentioned the work of Dr. Versendaal. As our discussion continued, I learned of Dr. Dick Versendaal’s passing. I was and am still shocked and saddened by the loss of this great Icon of our profession. Dr. Versendaal will always hold that special place in my heart. I only wish I had the opportunity to tell him how much that one moment has affected me for the better. At the same time, I realize, it’s OK that I never did, because where he is, he already knows.

Dr. Michael Haley

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