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We are Not TattCulture

Organink® is Stockton Aloe 1’s Premium tattoo aftercare.

We are NOT related to tattculture – the Instagram page that was formerly “@Organink” and changed to “tattculture” by the company we once hired for Instagram marketing. We have created a new Instagram page to replace the former. If you WERE following us… you are now following our former marketing representative instead. What to do:

1. Follow or Unfollow “tattculture

2. Follow or Unfollow “Organink” – now 100% maintained by us.

To purchase Organink®, please click HERE.

2 thoughts on “Organink®

  1. I know I don’t have the whole story here but I have to comment on your post about tattculture. You, in my opinion shot yourself in the foot by distancing yourself from the tattoo community. I can understand if you don’t like tattoos but think of all those that do and get them. If your product is that good you should embrace that community for promoting it. I’m not judging you in any way, just bringing to light the possible money loss by removing yourself from a potential goldmine.

    1. Thank you for pointing that out, Frank. Now I know that many people wont quite understand this post. We are not distancing our selves from the tattoo culture. We are not related in any way to the marketing person that is, or at least was, branding themselves as “tattculture”…. that’s all.

      You see, we hired a fraud that stole our instagram page when we fired his company, and he re-named it “@tattculture”. Since we exposed it, he once again changed. That is who we are distancing ourselves from. You can find out more about him by looking at his website “BrandMeBro“. I didn’t plan on calling him out like this… that’s not our style. But now that I know there is confusion about it, I guess I have to.

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