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How Long Does Your Frozen Aloe Take To Thaw

Frozen Aloe Vera in Refrigerator

Some of our customers wait for their aloe to thaw in the refrigerator. This does NOT seem to be a good strategy since it can take days to fully thaw in the refrigerator. Your aloe will continue to deteriorate during this thawing process. If you drink as it thaws, you will not have the same consistency at the end of the bottle… since the pulp tends to thaw last.

We recommend thawing the bottles in your kitchen sink… to catch the condensation, if any. It might take 4 to 5 hours to thaw. I do NOT recommend thawing through the night since your Aloe vera will likely be warm in the morning.

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If you are thawing a bucket… we recommend you not open the bag that is in the bucket until the frozen chunk is about the size of a softball or smaller… something that will fit in your blender. You can feel through the bag to determine how much is still frozen. You don’t want to open the bag early since doing so exposes it to the air and allows for potential contamination from the air… introducing possible yeast and other microbiology. The more you open and expose to the external environment, the faster the product ferments and deteriorates. There are no preservatives to interfere with nature.

A zero degree completely frozen bucket out in the open at room temperature will usually thaw in 24 to 40 hours depending on air circulation. A breeze such as from a fan thaws the bucket quicker. If the bucket is in a confined area with minimal air flow it takes longer.

By the time you receive your bucket shipped from us in South Florida, you may be well into the thaw process. The best thing to do is to immediately remove the plastic lid and feel through the bag to see where it is in the thaw process. You will want to decide if you can finish thawing and pouring that day… or if it will make it through the night without getting warm for pouring the next day. If you have to slow down the thawing process, putting the bucket back into the box will insulate and help keep the Aloe vera cold.

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