International Shipping

We currently only ship to the United States unless the customer provides us with the necessary label for delivery outside of the U.S.

If you desire for us to ship our products to you Internationally, Please contact us to write up your order so we can figure out the package dimensions and weight for you. From there, it will be up to you to provide by email to us the necessary shipping label using one of the major U.S. carriers:

  • USPS
  • UPS
  • Fed Ex

Choosing a carrier other than one of the three listed here additionally necessitates arranging for your carrier to further pick up your package from our location.

When we receive the necessary label, we will contact you to complete your transaction and ship your package. In such cases, transfer of product ownership occurs at the time the product is released to your chosen carrier. We can not accept responsibility for lost, stolen, damaged, or spoiled products that occurs during your International Shipment.

International shipments sometimes get held up in customs where frozen products spoil and live plants die. Furthermore, many countries radiate everything that comes across the border. Some countries have significant theft problems with their mail carrier systems. We recommend you insure any products using a guaranteed 3 day or less delivery time.

Furthermore, your international shipment may require special labeling such as a “products declaration”. Plants may require additional documentation, and, depending on the country of destination, may not be allowed. It is your responsibility to research this and provide us with all of the necessary labels for your international shipment. We will print and affix the label and declarations to your package and give it to the carrier (without knowing whether or not it will even be allowed into your Country). What happens from there… we can not accept responsibility for… since transfer of ownership has taken place.

We hope this explanation is reasonable.

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  1. That is not worth it – do you know of a similar product I can buy in Canada? Thanks

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