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Getting A Tattoo

Breaking Bad

We met Oliver Robbins at a raw food restaurant. He is the creator of, an internet branding company. Right away, it was easy to see there is something special about this guy … I’m not just talking about his passion for tattoo art – he is smart, enthusiastic, and very talented.

We encouraged Oliver to use our “Youth-Derm® Aloe Cream” to preserve his tattoos. We explained that we knew how good the cream was for healing skin damage and how perfect it would be not only for maintaining a tattoo, but also to help heal a fresh tattoo. We mentioned how we had always talked about eventually having a cream dedicated to the tattoo industry… but that we just haven’t got to it yet.

Watch Oliver get a new “Breaking Bad” tattoo:

Oliver began encouraging us to move forward with the project. He was excited about branding it and called us with ideas that he couldn’t wait to get working on. We already had the worlds best all natural aloe vera cream used to aid healing everything from road rash to radiation burns. And since tailoring a product for tattoo aftercare was something we already had in the plans, completing the project with Oliver’s help would be a breeze.

There are a lot of products out there that you can use after getting a tattoo, but few of them are made with all natural ingredients. Furthermore, we couldn’t find any with ingredients known to assist the healing of skin tissue as well as those found in Organink® Premium Tattoo Aftercare.

Oliver is documenting his use of Organink® in the immediate healing of his new Breaking Bad tattoo. As you can see, this is NOT Oliver’s first tattoo. But it is the first time he used our products for the immediate care and preservation of his artwork. So far, he is thrilled with the results. Stay tuned… we’ll get the rest of Oliver’s tattoo story real soon.

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